Learning Holy Quran by Joing Online Classes

In this busy and full of anxiety world, every second person is the victim of depression and consults with physicians for its relief. For this purpose, they spend a lot of money for medicine just to get relief, but the temporary reprieve cannot satisfy the heart’s anxiety and cannot provide everlasting relief, as the world is full of sorrows and every day brings new distress in one’s life. In order to get rid of from such unforeseen events, Holy Quran is the bestsolution for all spiritual diseases. As ALLAH says in Holy Quran, “there is peace and calm in reciting of Quran.” A person who daily recites holy Quran, always spends peaceful and healthy life with fully satisfaction of heart. He never get depressed with sudden and unforeseen events life rather he tolerates all these thing with boldness and remains happy in the pleasure of ALLAH.

Learning Holy Quran

Learning Holy Quran

Holy Quran is containing countless benefits such as; if you recite “AyatulQursi” on anything dearer to yourself, it cannot be stolen by the thief rather it remains in protection of ALLAH. Similarly, Surah e Fatiha is the best and complete prayer which has the treatment and each and every disease. It does not ends on these benefits but also containing awesome benefits through which you can easily spend your happy life with fully contentment. Surah e Mulk is containing the worth that it protects you from hitches of grave and many more benefits. Besides getting benefits for this worlds, you also earn ten good deed in return of recite one alphabet of Holy Quran which is the everlasting wealth for our life after death.

Now it is the alarming situation that despite of knowing numerous benefits of Holy Quran, we are still wandering here and there for getting relief, even knowing the best remedy for life is Holy Quran which is close and save in the cupboard. But if you are interested to learning Holy Quran and you do not have knowledge to recite it, you may join our free online Quran classes as a trial basis so that you can be satisfied by the way of Quran learning online as there are talented and fully experienced teachers who are providing the services of Quran online classes in such an easy and understandable way that you can easily recite Holy Quran even at your home without any help.Quran classes online is now getting popularity around the world as people can better understand and learn Quran with Tajweed or pronunciation as it is also observe that mostly the people know how to recite Holy Quran, but while reciting it, they do not have ability to speak out accurate pronunciation therefore these Quran online classes you not only learn reciting Holy Quran but also come to know about the meaning along with explanation of each and every Ayah. The lectures in these quran classes online takes maximum just one hours but it returns back with long life benefits.


Online Quran Academy

Being a Muslim father or mother, it’s a duty for you to teach your kids the teachings of Islam from their childhood to make them a perfect Muslim and an honorable and responsible person of the society. Because Islam teaches us the right path and disallows us to choose the bad path so by following these directions of Islam an individual can become a good Muslim and a responsible person of the society. But it is important for you to make your kid learn and understand the teachings of Islam.

The holy book Quran was revealed at the last messenger Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) and it is the best Islamic literature for Muslims. We can learn from the teachings of the Quran to make our lives better and of course, learning the Quran is must for every Muslim as it is an obligation for every Muslim from Allah Almighty. So, we should lighten our hearts with the teachings of the Quran for the betterment of our own selves and as well as for the whole society.

Being a Muslim, for every parent, it is their duty to teach their kids the teachings of the Quran. Learning and understanding the Quran has become so easier as today online Quran tutoring is available for learning the Quran right at your home. So, you can give your kids the teachings of the Quran right from the solaces, of your own home. Thanks to the technology for this, as only the technology has allowed us that much ease and comforts.

Online Quran Academy

Online Quran Academy

By searching a Quran academy online you can give your child the teachings of the Islam right at home if you don’t have any Quran institute near your home. So, because of the internet, you are able to get many benefits and you must take advantage of this great source for the right purposes. As there are both negative and positive uses of every technology or device, but as a Muslim we all are bound to use it for the right purpose.

The question is, from where to find a good online Quran learning academy? It’s not a big task. You can look around and ask your office colleagues, friends and other companions to see if any of these have some knowledge about an online Quran teaching academy. If they don’t know about a good online Quran learning institute, then you should search it over the internet. Just Google it, you will find many search results similar to your search. It’s not an issue if the top online academies are not from your country or region. You can hire the best among them because you are going to hire online tutors so location is not at all an issue.

We have been putting forth our online Quran learning classes for many years of success. We believe that learning and teaching the Quran is must and a great source of pleasure. So, for those who cannot afford to pay for learning the Quran, we have been offering free online Quran learning programs to the deserved ones. Our Quran tutors are experienced and dedicated towards providing the best Quran teachings to our students.

Learn Quran Online and Teach it to the Others

As we all know that the Quran is a religious book of Muslims and it is an obligation on all Muslims by Allah to recite it every day and to learn and understand its teachings. In fact, Quran teaches you what the right path for you to go is. Quran teaches you which way is right and which is not. By following the teachings of Quran, you will be able to get succeeded both in this world as well as in the hereafter. So, Quran is a light. Light, that leads the way towards the Heaven.

In fact, the teachings of the Quran are for the betterment of the whole universe. As the Quran is an obligation for whole Muslims so all of us must need to learn, understand and teach it to the others in a proper and correct way. A daily recitation of Quran is needed to learn and pronounce it perfectly. After learning and understanding the Quran, you are directed to teach your kids and others in a proper way.
For Muslims living abroad in some non-Muslim countries, it is hard for them to find a Quran academy or school nearby their homes. As they need to give their children Quran teachings they must search for some tutors who can teach the Quran to their children. For them, an online Quran teacher will be a great choice. Today, you can learn Quran online and all you need is an internet connection and a personal computer.

Without learning and understanding Quran, a Muslim’s life is never complete. Our beloved prophet Mohammad (PBUH) directed us to learn Quran and then teach it to the others. So, we are assigned a duty by our beloved prophet Mohammad (PBUH) and we must need to fulfill it perfectly. Even if you don’t have the time to physically attend the Quran classes at the academy or you don’t have any Quran academy near to your home, then you must learn this holy book online as online Quran teaching is available for every Muslim today.

Being a Muslim, it is our duty to spread the teachings of Islam to every other Muslim. For this, we must need to learn and understand the teachings of Islam so that we will be able to transfer the true and maximum knowledge and teachings of Islam to the others. So, for every Muslim learning and understanding the teaching of the Quran is must. If you are not aware of the true Islamic teachings, then how can you pass it to the others? So, first learn and understand the Quran and then teach it to the others.

If you are searching for a reliable and highly reputed online Quran tutor then we have the most professional and experienced Quran teachers who will teach you the teachings of the Quran in the right way. We assign a tutor to only one student at a time to make sure that he will get the most effective teachings and so that he can be able to understand Quran without any problem. So, you just need to give us a call if you are searching for an online Quran academy.

Learning Quran is an obligation for every Muslim

Learning Quran is an obligation for every Muslim. So, it is very important to learn and understand the teachings of the Quran. Because learning the Quran is an obligation for every Muslim so, one cannot be a true Muslim without learning and understanding the teachings of the Quran. It’s a life like a machine. Everyone is busy in his job and daily routine activities and often they forgot to recite Quran daily. But, at the Day of Judgment we will not be asked about how much money we earned by our jobs or professions. But, we will be asked how much we obeyed the directions and teachings of Islam.
So, we need to get prepare for the final exam that will be held on the Day of Judgment. It is not an excuse if we say that we don’t had the time because of our routine activities. We must manage our routine activities to manage time for learning Quran on daily basis. Today, technology has bring much comfort and ease in the life of all of us. These days, we can learn Quran online as there are many online Quran academies offering online classes to those who cannot go out of their homes to attend Quran classes.
These online academies have a professional team of tutors and they teach you the Quran on your computer or laptop. You just need an internet connection to connect you with the tutor. So, if you don’t have time you can choose online Quran learning programs from a reputed online academy. You can search a good online academy over the internet. You can ask your fellows if they have some knowledge about a well reputed online academy. If one of your fellows or colleagues know about a good online academy then it will save your time.

So, it is not a difficult task to search for a good online Quran academy as you can search and compare a few online Quran academies over the internet by seeing their client’s testimonials and forum reviews. So, you cannot have any kind of excuse if you are not learning or reciting the holy Quran daily. Get yourself prepared for the final exam. Learn Quran, and teach it to the others.

Quran is Complete Code of Life – Learn and Earn Virtues

ALLAH (SWT) has revealed this holy book on HIS PROPHET (peace and blessing be upon Him) which testifies all the previous revealed books on different Messengers containing all knowledgeable facts since the inception of universe to till the end of universe and even after the judgment day where we have to spend endless life. Quran is a leading book and by following it we can learn how to spend our lives, how to earn livelihood, how to treat others and even for all the aspects of life. On one occasion, Hazrat Ali (R.A) said, “Quran helps me even for searching of my lost needle”. From this worthy quote of PROPHET (S.A.W.W)’s companion, it is much more clear that from this Holy book, we can find out the solution of any problem and confusion that we facing in our lives.

The testimony of ALLAH’s ones is not enough rather to learn Quran and follow the other pillars of Islam are also the foremost obligations on the part of Muslims. All these obligations have been imposed by ALLAH (SWT) on Muslims and if you want to get prospered in after death life, we have to learn Quran and its law and orders. As Our Holy Prophet (S.A.W.W) says, “Among you is the best one who learns Quran and teaches to others.”

To learn Quran does not mean you only recite it and fulfill your requirement rather it is primary and notable to grasp its meaning and follow the procedure that Quran is telling how to be a good Muslim so that you can be liked by ALLAH. To find out time in your busy routine is pertinent to purify your soul. For this purpose, you have to get this service from nearby Islamic school, but if you have encircled in your tough daily routine, then there are many online Quran learning institutes from where you can learn Arabic pronunciation to read Holy Quran and understanding the theme in your own language. The main motive and objective of Quran Academy online is to facilitate those people, who do not have sufficient time and want to learn Quran reading and its translation through internet. Free online Quran learning institute has appointed qualified tutors who are providing noblest service through online Quran tutoring. You can recite Quran and can check your mistakes of words pronunciation by this online Quran learning way out.

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Quran academy online is facilitating many of people who are learning Quran in order to turn their lives towards prosperity and ALLAH’s will. This free online quran learning service is beneficial for those are unable to recite holy book as their online quran tutoring style is much easy and helpful for even a uninitiated person can understand to recite Quran. So get yourself register at our website learningthequran.com and enlighten your dark hearts by the brilliance of Quran that is at actual containing the complete mechanism of life.

Women Has Higher Status Then Men In Islam

tumblr_mms81yuRhy1s6fthto1_500Non Muslim communities are blaming that Islam considers women worthless then men, but this is only the misunderstanding and misconception due to the lack of true Islamic knowledge. It is quite sad that some of the Muslims also think that women are worthless then a man and this is all because they don’t understand the Islamic teachings. Quran is true source to learn the Islamic teachings and those who understand its meanings knows that, what is a status of women in Islam actually. According to Islam there is no difference between Men and Women they have equal rights.

In Quran it is clearly mentioned in its Verses that “And for women are rights over men similar to those of men over women”

Islam Grants All Economic Rights To Women:

In 19th century if you will go back then it comes to know that in Europe before marriage not any women can own her property. But in Islam women can own her property before her marriage. Some communities thought that Islam forbids women for working but this is wrong concept by all them. Islam is so liberal religion and it allows women to work in that place where the environment suits her. Islam has given all financial securities to women.

How Learn Women Rights:

In the modern age it is quite sad that our youngsters don’t know about the teaching of Islam. All non Muslim and modern societies have concept that Islam is underestimating the women this is all because we don’t know what Islam says about the women right. To learn what a message of Allah is we should connect with Quran. Today International Online Quran academy is playing vital roles for educating the youngsters and spreading the messages to all communities the true words of Islam. These academies are giving Quran education by online Quran teacher tell the meanings of Quran verses to increase the moral of Islam in all communities. You can learn Islamic teachings by Best Online Quran Tutor who are well qualified and have ambition to serve all Muslims communities.

Learning The Quran Is Necessary To Being A Good Muslim

ImageTo become good and ideal Muslim you should have character and traits according to teaching of Quran and Sunnah. A true Muslim follows the totals beings of Quran and Sunnah to make a strong relationship with Allah.

A Muslim who loves Allah should strive to get all qualities for the happiness of Allah and to get paradise. A Muslim can get success in this life and hereafter by obeying the commands of Allah and his beloved Prophet (S.A.W.W).

Allah said these words in Quran,

“O you who believe! Obey Allâh, and obey the Messenger (Muhammad) and render not vain your deeds.”

A good Muslim who wants to get willingness and happiness of Allah must have these qualities.

Qualities Of Good Muslim:

  • Should follow the teachings of Quran and fulfill all the commands that is told in Quran.
  • Must pray to Allah five times.
  • A Muslim who love Allah must love this beloved Prophet (S.A.W.W) and act upon his sayings and sunnah.
  • Must have all good traits and manner according to Islamic teachings.
  • Must be teaching and reciting Quran daily to get good deeds and learn how to spend life according to Islamic manners.

Allah has sent his Prophet (S.A.W.W) and guidance book Quran to guide his mankind to make learn what is good way to spend life according to his will.

If you want to become successful in both worlds then Quran is best source to do as. If you are looking for online Quran academy to learn what Quran says and what are the commands of Allah. Learningthequran.com is online source to make you learn about the true teaching of Quran. In this modern age online Quran learning is considered the biggest and reliable resource to learn how to recite the Quran and learn Hadiths and sunnah properly by the best Quran teachers. Join Quran online classes and start learning the correct meanings and teachings of Quran.