Quran is Complete Code of Life – Learn and Earn Virtues

ALLAH (SWT) has revealed this holy book on HIS PROPHET (peace and blessing be upon Him) which testifies all the previous revealed books on different Messengers containing all knowledgeable facts since the inception of universe to till the end of universe and even after the judgment day where we have to spend endless life. Quran is a leading book and by following it we can learn how to spend our lives, how to earn livelihood, how to treat others and even for all the aspects of life. On one occasion, Hazrat Ali (R.A) said, “Quran helps me even for searching of my lost needle”. From this worthy quote of PROPHET (S.A.W.W)’s companion, it is much more clear that from this Holy book, we can find out the solution of any problem and confusion that we facing in our lives.

The testimony of ALLAH’s ones is not enough rather to learn Quran and follow the other pillars of Islam are also the foremost obligations on the part of Muslims. All these obligations have been imposed by ALLAH (SWT) on Muslims and if you want to get prospered in after death life, we have to learn Quran and its law and orders. As Our Holy Prophet (S.A.W.W) says, “Among you is the best one who learns Quran and teaches to others.”

To learn Quran does not mean you only recite it and fulfill your requirement rather it is primary and notable to grasp its meaning and follow the procedure that Quran is telling how to be a good Muslim so that you can be liked by ALLAH. To find out time in your busy routine is pertinent to purify your soul. For this purpose, you have to get this service from nearby Islamic school, but if you have encircled in your tough daily routine, then there are many online Quran learning institutes from where you can learn Arabic pronunciation to read Holy Quran and understanding the theme in your own language. The main motive and objective of Quran Academy online is to facilitate those people, who do not have sufficient time and want to learn Quran reading and its translation through internet. Free online Quran learning institute has appointed qualified tutors who are providing noblest service through online Quran tutoring. You can recite Quran and can check your mistakes of words pronunciation by this online Quran learning way out.

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