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It is the blessing of Holy Quran that any person who recites it daily feels calm and peace in his life as the recitation of Quran strengthens soul of the body and keeps it away from many evil deeds.Here I want to correlate an incident of 14 hundred years ago, when Islam was spread with the power of Quran that any person who listen its few verses felt melting of heart and embraced Islam, in this connection non-believers were much worried about this happening and finally HazratUmer (R.A) decided to do wrong with Muslims. When he was going towards Muslim gathering, someone asked him, where he was going? HazratUmer(R.A) told him his purpose. He said to HazratUmer (R.A) that first you should go to home as your sister had also embraced Islam. When he reached there angrily, he (R.A) saw his sister while reciting Holy Quran. He showed his anger on her and finally asked her what you were recite?, recite it again for me. When HazratUmer (R.A)listened few verses of Surah e Taha, his heart melted and he went to Holy Prophet (PBUH) hurriedly and happily accepted Islam with bottom of heart. This is the blessing of Quran that cannot be forgotten in any walk of life. Anywhere you are living, it does not matter, you should learn Quran Online and should also understand its meanings so that you can aware about the reality of this universe. All previous discoveries by the Muslim scholars either in the field of science or any other field are based on Quran education because they were the true followers of Quran and they find out the solution of any problem and issue from the study of Holy Quran.

Online Quran Academy

Online Quran Academy

In the present time, if we look around the world, we will see that there are many Muslim adults and children who are totally unaware about the study of Holy Quran. Mostly those people who are not residing in Arabic countries and having different languages like Urdu, English, Spanish etc. they are not able to accurately read and recite Holy Quran due to non-familiar of Arabic language because Quran was revealed in Arabic language and we all to recite it in the same language. These people can read the translation of Quran in their own language but they should have to learn Quran in its actual language. For this purpose, they are required to join any Islamic institute from where they can be contacted with Qari/teacher for reciting Quran in Arabic accent, but if they are unable to find any Islamic institute near the locality, they can join Learningthequran that is online Quran academy which is providing online Quran teaching services to all Muslim community throughout the world with the help of standard and skilled teachers. Online Quran learning program offered by this academy now has enable many of the people to join their services and learn how to recite Holy Quran with Tajweed in pure Arabic accent.


Learn the Quran online at, your home or office

All of us are busy in our daily routine activities and time is passing much faster than our thoughts. The majority of us are focused on finding different ways to improve our financial status, but we are forgetting that with every new day, a day of our life is being eliminated and eventually we are moving towards the death that is due for every one of us and an ultimate truth. We are so curious about maximizing our financial resources, but we need to prepare for the life hereafter because that life is forever and for that should prepare ourselves right from today.

Islam has told us clearly about the good and the bad. Simply, there are only two ways to choose from. Either we can choose the left or the right if we have only two directions to move further. When both the right and the wrong directions are already told to us then why should we move towards the wrong or the bad direction? We are asked to choose the right way and avoid the bad one. So, we need to learn the teachings of the Islam to separate both ways and distinguish between the good and bad.

The Quran is the biggest resource to learn from and we can bring peace, unity and harmony in this world by following the teachings of the Quran. Today, when the technology has offered so many comforts to the life you can learn Quran online if you don’t have time to go out of your homes to learn the Quran from Islamic institutes. So, if you don’t get time from your routine activities, then you can learn the Quran online at, your home or office or at whatever time from the whole day.

Today, there are several online Quran learning institutes available to assist those who don’t find time from their daily routine activities. So, you don’t have any excuses for not learning the Quran by any means. You can, and you must learn the Quran online if you can’t physically attend the Quran classes at an Islamic institute. So, for every Muslim it is must to learn the teachings of the Islam and then teaches it to the others as well

Online Quran academy

Online Quran academy

For every Muslim parent, it is must for them to teach their kids the teachings of the Quran. And for this, they must learn and understand the Quran first and then teach it to them. Realizing the importance of today’s busy and tough routine tasks we have been offering online Quran classes and we are the best online Quran academy lightening the hearts with the etchings of the Quran. We have the best online Quran tutors and they are experienced and dedicated towards spreading the teachings of the Quran among all.

So, if you are in search of a highly reputed online Quran teaching institute then we ought to be your first choice because we have the most experienced and dedicated online Quran tutors to teach you the teachings of the Quran. You can choose the days and timings of the classes just according to your availability and we will adjust your timings with our tutor. So, you don’t need to worry if you have a really tough day schedule because we are here to assist you to fulfill this obligation.

Online Quran Academy

Being a Muslim father or mother, it’s a duty for you to teach your kids the teachings of Islam from their childhood to make them a perfect Muslim and an honorable and responsible person of the society. Because Islam teaches us the right path and disallows us to choose the bad path so by following these directions of Islam an individual can become a good Muslim and a responsible person of the society. But it is important for you to make your kid learn and understand the teachings of Islam.

The holy book Quran was revealed at the last messenger Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) and it is the best Islamic literature for Muslims. We can learn from the teachings of the Quran to make our lives better and of course, learning the Quran is must for every Muslim as it is an obligation for every Muslim from Allah Almighty. So, we should lighten our hearts with the teachings of the Quran for the betterment of our own selves and as well as for the whole society.

Being a Muslim, for every parent, it is their duty to teach their kids the teachings of the Quran. Learning and understanding the Quran has become so easier as today online Quran tutoring is available for learning the Quran right at your home. So, you can give your kids the teachings of the Quran right from the solaces, of your own home. Thanks to the technology for this, as only the technology has allowed us that much ease and comforts.

Online Quran Academy

Online Quran Academy

By searching a Quran academy online you can give your child the teachings of the Islam right at home if you don’t have any Quran institute near your home. So, because of the internet, you are able to get many benefits and you must take advantage of this great source for the right purposes. As there are both negative and positive uses of every technology or device, but as a Muslim we all are bound to use it for the right purpose.

The question is, from where to find a good online Quran learning academy? It’s not a big task. You can look around and ask your office colleagues, friends and other companions to see if any of these have some knowledge about an online Quran teaching academy. If they don’t know about a good online Quran learning institute, then you should search it over the internet. Just Google it, you will find many search results similar to your search. It’s not an issue if the top online academies are not from your country or region. You can hire the best among them because you are going to hire online tutors so location is not at all an issue.

We have been putting forth our online Quran learning classes for many years of success. We believe that learning and teaching the Quran is must and a great source of pleasure. So, for those who cannot afford to pay for learning the Quran, we have been offering free online Quran learning programs to the deserved ones. Our Quran tutors are experienced and dedicated towards providing the best Quran teachings to our students.

Learning Quran is an obligation for every Muslim

Learning Quran is an obligation for every Muslim. So, it is very important to learn and understand the teachings of the Quran. Because learning the Quran is an obligation for every Muslim so, one cannot be a true Muslim without learning and understanding the teachings of the Quran. It’s a life like a machine. Everyone is busy in his job and daily routine activities and often they forgot to recite Quran daily. But, at the Day of Judgment we will not be asked about how much money we earned by our jobs or professions. But, we will be asked how much we obeyed the directions and teachings of Islam.
So, we need to get prepare for the final exam that will be held on the Day of Judgment. It is not an excuse if we say that we don’t had the time because of our routine activities. We must manage our routine activities to manage time for learning Quran on daily basis. Today, technology has bring much comfort and ease in the life of all of us. These days, we can learn Quran online as there are many online Quran academies offering online classes to those who cannot go out of their homes to attend Quran classes.
These online academies have a professional team of tutors and they teach you the Quran on your computer or laptop. You just need an internet connection to connect you with the tutor. So, if you don’t have time you can choose online Quran learning programs from a reputed online academy. You can search a good online academy over the internet. You can ask your fellows if they have some knowledge about a well reputed online academy. If one of your fellows or colleagues know about a good online academy then it will save your time.

So, it is not a difficult task to search for a good online Quran academy as you can search and compare a few online Quran academies over the internet by seeing their client’s testimonials and forum reviews. So, you cannot have any kind of excuse if you are not learning or reciting the holy Quran daily. Get yourself prepared for the final exam. Learn Quran, and teach it to the others.

Save Time And Enroll For Online Quran Tutoring

free online quran learningA religion without a follower is still a religion but a man without a religion is nobody that is what is believed in the religion of Islam. That is the reason Muslims try their best when it comes to follow their religion. But in order to follow it in the best possible way, a Muslim has to learn the Islam properly which requires a good amount of time and lots of will power. Will power is something that totally depends upon the person but when it is about time then it can be managed. The concept of online Quran tutoring has been introduced some 5 years back and online Quran tutoring has gained immense popularity with time. The best thing about joining a top online Quran academy is that you get to learn Islam through Quran on such a time that is feasible to you. It makes time management pretty easy.

Muslims throughout the globe appreciate the idea of free online Quran learning. Most Muslims do know the basic teachings of Islam such as the 5 important pillars, the way of performing salah, Islamic rituals and few more but Islam is not restricted to only these basic things. Islam is a complete religion that provides a person with the true way of leading the life. It is in every single thing; the way of eating, the way of talking and every other possible thing that is done in day to day life. It is an obligation on a true Muslim to learn all these things that are taught by the Holy Quran and for that, joining top online Quran academy is currently one of the best options. A person does not even have to bring changes in his everyday schedule and yet he gets to do free online Quran learning.

Top Online Quran AcademyThere are numerous advantages of enrolling with top online Quran academy. The biggest advantage is that it saves a lot of time. Anything that needs to be learned demands for time and a glorious book like Quran definitely needs some time. Muslims with a busy schedule who would love to learn the Quran often hesitate just because they are not able to manage some time from their everyday life for the learning. So, if he becomes a part of a top online Quran academy then he will be able to do free online Quran learning without arranging any extra time. Another advantage of online Quran tutoring is that you get to learn the Quran from highly educated teachers. These Islamic educationists have great command over the Arabic language which makes understanding of Quran easier for them. And as they can understand the Quran easily, they convey the knowledge of Quran in a very good way. This way a person not only gets to do free online Quran learning but also gets to understand it.

A Muslim will be asked on the Day of Judgment that did he gave right amount of time to learn the Quran. So, it is better for a Muslim to start preparing for this question before it is too late.