Get Quran education in Arabic accent by online Quran academy

It is the blessing of Holy Quran that any person who recites it daily feels calm and peace in his life as the recitation of Quran strengthens soul of the body and keeps it away from many evil deeds.Here I want to correlate an incident of 14 hundred years ago, when Islam was spread with the power of Quran that any person who listen its few verses felt melting of heart and embraced Islam, in this connection non-believers were much worried about this happening and finally HazratUmer (R.A) decided to do wrong with Muslims. When he was going towards Muslim gathering, someone asked him, where he was going? HazratUmer(R.A) told him his purpose. He said to HazratUmer (R.A) that first you should go to home as your sister had also embraced Islam. When he reached there angrily, he (R.A) saw his sister while reciting Holy Quran. He showed his anger on her and finally asked her what you were recite?, recite it again for me. When HazratUmer (R.A)listened few verses of Surah e Taha, his heart melted and he went to Holy Prophet (PBUH) hurriedly and happily accepted Islam with bottom of heart. This is the blessing of Quran that cannot be forgotten in any walk of life. Anywhere you are living, it does not matter, you should learn Quran Online and should also understand its meanings so that you can aware about the reality of this universe. All previous discoveries by the Muslim scholars either in the field of science or any other field are based on Quran education because they were the true followers of Quran and they find out the solution of any problem and issue from the study of Holy Quran.

Online Quran Academy

Online Quran Academy

In the present time, if we look around the world, we will see that there are many Muslim adults and children who are totally unaware about the study of Holy Quran. Mostly those people who are not residing in Arabic countries and having different languages like Urdu, English, Spanish etc. they are not able to accurately read and recite Holy Quran due to non-familiar of Arabic language because Quran was revealed in Arabic language and we all to recite it in the same language. These people can read the translation of Quran in their own language but they should have to learn Quran in its actual language. For this purpose, they are required to join any Islamic institute from where they can be contacted with Qari/teacher for reciting Quran in Arabic accent, but if they are unable to find any Islamic institute near the locality, they can join Learningthequran that is online Quran academy which is providing online Quran teaching services to all Muslim community throughout the world with the help of standard and skilled teachers. Online Quran learning program offered by this academy now has enable many of the people to join their services and learn how to recite Holy Quran with Tajweed in pure Arabic accent.


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