Online academy has made it possible to learn Quran online

This is the age of information in which everyone looks busy and do not have sufficient time to get education by physically attending schools and colleges. Now they want to learn everything through internet technology as it is the fastest and best medium which has made it possible to get maximum knowledge about any kind by surfacing many of internet websites. There are large amount of literature on any topic and about any field. Keeping in view, the shortest time and expansion of information, Muslim scholar joined their heads and formulated a unique program through which they can spread Islamic knowledge all over the world through online mean. As we know that learning the Quran is the basic desire and foremost education for every Muslim in order to spend life according to ALLAH (SWT)’s rules and regulation, therefore they have introduced and implemented online program for online Quran learning. This unique and easy approach is convenient, approachable and affordable for all the Muslims residing anywhere in the world. It is also for those Muslims who are keen interested to learn Quran education, but due to non-availability of Islamic institute closer to them, they are unable to get any Islamic education in a proper way. Now these people can join any Quran learning program by having internet access at residing place or at workplace and can fulfill this noble and obligatory education. Learningthequran is an online Quran academy among other online institute which is fully committed and devoted for providing its quality services to the Muslim students all around the world. The team of teachers who are engaged in providing Islamic education are fully experienced and trained for online Quran learning through various online tools in order to make it convenient for every student to be perfect in Quran reading and its recitation. These teachers are trained through different ways so that they can provide best teaching services to the students. Their main objective and purpose to teach Quran with correct pronunciation of Arabic verses so that they cannot find any difficulty while reciting it. To make it sure, you may attend free of cost Quran classes as a trial period and you will feel a positive difference in yourself by taking few classes that will also develop your interest to learn more and more according to perfect Tajweed rules.

online Quran learning

online Quran learning

To learn Quran online has now made it possible for every Muslim to get the basic knowledge of Quran reading as well as correct pronunciation and pure Arabic accent, as Our Beloved Holy Prophet (PBUH) says,
“Indeed Allah desires that the Quran be recited in the manner in which it was revealed.”

In the light of abovementioned Hadith, it is compulsory for everyone to learn Holy Quran according to Tajweed rule so that it can be recited with accurate pronunciation and pleasant tone. So the teachers in this online academy are also responsible to teach you all the manners for reciting Quran in accurate way and in beautiful tone.


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