Best opportunity for learning of Quran through online Academy

Online Quran academy is the best place from where you can build your Islamic education career by learning the fundamental education of Holy Quran, Hadiths and books on Fiqah for complete understanding the soul of Islam. Learning of these courses is your first obligation on part of your education as by their complete and thorough study, you can better lead your life which will be helpful even for your children. There are many teachers in this academy who are providing these services in many countries with the aim to spread Islamic knowledge throughout the world of Muslims. They are also engaged in helping your children by teaching them importance of Quran and its recitation according to the rule of Tajweed through outstanding lectures. Tajweed is not an easy job that you can understand without any help. You have to take proper classes for its complete sense. Therefore online teachers are there to help you for teaching the rules and regulation of Quran recitation efficiently. It does not mean you cannot understand these rules, but you can study it at your home independently, however you have to listen Quran recitation again and again just to correct the pronunciation of Quran verses which can only be done with the help of skilled teacher.

Online Quran Academy

Online Quran Academy

If we conduct a survey on literacy rate of Muslims, we will see a huge slump in the education of Muslims as compared to non-Muslims. It is especially noted in western countries, where many children and young one are engaged in the western culture and deviated from the actual path for which ALLAH (SWT) Has Ordered us for spending successful life. Mostly the parents are also ignoring the activities of their children due to non-availability of any Islamic institute nearby them. It does not mean they have closed their eyes from their children rather they are in continuous search of any Islamic school or institute from where they can be benefited for Islamic education so that their children can understand the actual way of living and rules and regulation of Islam.In those areas where Muslims are living in minorities, there are lack of Islamic institutes and also not skilled teacher who can properly teach Quran education to the Muslims children.

To overcome this problem, now internet is providing online Quran learning all over the world with which you can learn get the education of Quran even at your home and at any place. You are just required to have a PC or a Laptop with proper internet access for availing this service. Learningthequran is the main website which is providing the facility to learn Quran online at any place and at any country. Now the parents can have complete trust on this online academy where education of Quran along with many Islamic courses is taught to their children by the qualified and skilled teachers. These tutors have the experience over many years and they are fully professional in this field.


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