Get Quran education in Arabic accent by online Quran academy

It is the blessing of Holy Quran that any person who recites it daily feels calm and peace in his life as the recitation of Quran strengthens soul of the body and keeps it away from many evil deeds.Here I want to correlate an incident of 14 hundred years ago, when Islam was spread with the power of Quran that any person who listen its few verses felt melting of heart and embraced Islam, in this connection non-believers were much worried about this happening and finally HazratUmer (R.A) decided to do wrong with Muslims. When he was going towards Muslim gathering, someone asked him, where he was going? HazratUmer(R.A) told him his purpose. He said to HazratUmer (R.A) that first you should go to home as your sister had also embraced Islam. When he reached there angrily, he (R.A) saw his sister while reciting Holy Quran. He showed his anger on her and finally asked her what you were recite?, recite it again for me. When HazratUmer (R.A)listened few verses of Surah e Taha, his heart melted and he went to Holy Prophet (PBUH) hurriedly and happily accepted Islam with bottom of heart. This is the blessing of Quran that cannot be forgotten in any walk of life. Anywhere you are living, it does not matter, you should learn Quran Online and should also understand its meanings so that you can aware about the reality of this universe. All previous discoveries by the Muslim scholars either in the field of science or any other field are based on Quran education because they were the true followers of Quran and they find out the solution of any problem and issue from the study of Holy Quran.

Online Quran Academy

Online Quran Academy

In the present time, if we look around the world, we will see that there are many Muslim adults and children who are totally unaware about the study of Holy Quran. Mostly those people who are not residing in Arabic countries and having different languages like Urdu, English, Spanish etc. they are not able to accurately read and recite Holy Quran due to non-familiar of Arabic language because Quran was revealed in Arabic language and we all to recite it in the same language. These people can read the translation of Quran in their own language but they should have to learn Quran in its actual language. For this purpose, they are required to join any Islamic institute from where they can be contacted with Qari/teacher for reciting Quran in Arabic accent, but if they are unable to find any Islamic institute near the locality, they can join Learningthequran that is online Quran academy which is providing online Quran teaching services to all Muslim community throughout the world with the help of standard and skilled teachers. Online Quran learning program offered by this academy now has enable many of the people to join their services and learn how to recite Holy Quran with Tajweed in pure Arabic accent.


Online academy has made it possible to learn Quran online

This is the age of information in which everyone looks busy and do not have sufficient time to get education by physically attending schools and colleges. Now they want to learn everything through internet technology as it is the fastest and best medium which has made it possible to get maximum knowledge about any kind by surfacing many of internet websites. There are large amount of literature on any topic and about any field. Keeping in view, the shortest time and expansion of information, Muslim scholar joined their heads and formulated a unique program through which they can spread Islamic knowledge all over the world through online mean. As we know that learning the Quran is the basic desire and foremost education for every Muslim in order to spend life according to ALLAH (SWT)’s rules and regulation, therefore they have introduced and implemented online program for online Quran learning. This unique and easy approach is convenient, approachable and affordable for all the Muslims residing anywhere in the world. It is also for those Muslims who are keen interested to learn Quran education, but due to non-availability of Islamic institute closer to them, they are unable to get any Islamic education in a proper way. Now these people can join any Quran learning program by having internet access at residing place or at workplace and can fulfill this noble and obligatory education. Learningthequran is an online Quran academy among other online institute which is fully committed and devoted for providing its quality services to the Muslim students all around the world. The team of teachers who are engaged in providing Islamic education are fully experienced and trained for online Quran learning through various online tools in order to make it convenient for every student to be perfect in Quran reading and its recitation. These teachers are trained through different ways so that they can provide best teaching services to the students. Their main objective and purpose to teach Quran with correct pronunciation of Arabic verses so that they cannot find any difficulty while reciting it. To make it sure, you may attend free of cost Quran classes as a trial period and you will feel a positive difference in yourself by taking few classes that will also develop your interest to learn more and more according to perfect Tajweed rules.

online Quran learning

online Quran learning

To learn Quran online has now made it possible for every Muslim to get the basic knowledge of Quran reading as well as correct pronunciation and pure Arabic accent, as Our Beloved Holy Prophet (PBUH) says,
“Indeed Allah desires that the Quran be recited in the manner in which it was revealed.”

In the light of abovementioned Hadith, it is compulsory for everyone to learn Holy Quran according to Tajweed rule so that it can be recited with accurate pronunciation and pleasant tone. So the teachers in this online academy are also responsible to teach you all the manners for reciting Quran in accurate way and in beautiful tone.

Get registration in Online Quran Academy for Quran learning

Learningthequran is rendering the services for online Quran learning through an easy approach all over the world even sitting at home without any physical effort. The basic purpose for its commencement is to provide unique and quality service to those students who want to learn Holy Quran according to the rules and regulation of Tawjeed at home as well as at official place.

learn quran online

learn quran online

It is also established especially for those people who are residing in non-Muslim countries where they cannot find any Islamic institute for getting Islamic education.Secondly it is also providing its unique services to children whose parents are much worried about Quran education to their kids. Moreover, adults and new Muslims can also get the education of Holy Quran from this online institute. In order to conduct these online classes, you are only required few equipment like facility of Laptop or personal computer, headphone and availability of internet so that you can connect to classes through online mean. There are up to now many students all over the world who have learnt Quran education from this online Quran academy and many are still getting education with maximum level of satisfaction. If you have new entry in this academy, you do not need to be worried at all as you can attend free classes as a trial period for three days which are sufficient for making your final and full fledge decision for taking proper admission in these programs. There are also availability of both male and female teachers who can better teach you as per your requirement and availability of time either at home or office place.

Mission statement of academy:

This online institute is fully devoted and committed to provide quality education of Islam so that the community around them can be considered as literate and civilized. Through Quran education, the new generation can come to know the fact of world and all the rules and regulation that ALLAH (SWT) has imposed on the Muslims. Through online Quran teaching, they want to build Islamic educational society where everyone has sufficient knowledge about Islam. By taking online classes, those Muslims who are living far away from Islamic institutes, can get this modest education at home without any tease and bothersome. They not only provide Quran education but also tell the monthly progress report to the parents of children so that they can evaluate kid’s performance.

Program Offered:
As it has been described, the said academy is providing unique and quality services of Quran learning to their students; therefore they have arranged many of Islamic courses that are much more helpful for them in order to be a good Muslim in the society. Following courses are being offered online at academy:
• Dua Courses
• Namaz Courses
• Interpretation of Holy Quran (Tafseer)
• Memorization of Holy Quran
• Reading of Holy Quran with Tajweed
• Reading of Holy Quran with basic concept
• Translation of Holy Quran
• Holy Quran Qaida

All these courses are available on very affordable rates that can be afforded by everyone.

Abandoning of Quran is the cause of Muslim recession

ALLAH (SWT) Has provided complete and authentic remedy to the Muslims through Holy Quran in order to succeed in life. He has given them the best formula for spending lives in the better way as the Holy Quran is full of knowledge like an ocean. From the beginning of Islam, Muslims who have been following the education of Islam stood first in this world due to the ability on much knowledge. Muslim scientists are the example of the same. They extracted out the knowledge of science from Holy Quran and wrote many literatures and books on scientific studies. They have been known the great scholar in the world. Today their books are also taught in the universities. Ibn ul Hasham was the great ophthalmologist, who gave his research on eyes and diagnosed more than 1000 diseases of eye and similarly provided laws of lights which are currently followed by the doctors and engineers. He extracted all the knowledge from Holy Quran and Hadiths of Holy Prophet (PBUH). There are also many of the examples of Muslims landmark and milestones but with the passage of time knowledge were transferred to non-Muslims due to laxness and abandoning of Quran education in Muslims society. Today we are observing a great slump in Muslims economically and socially. This is only because the Muslims have given up the education of Holy Quran and have adopted the cultures of non-believers.

Online Quran Learning

Online Quran Learning

Therefore Quran education is necessary, if Muslims again want to prove themselves a good nation in the world. For this purpose they should learn Quran education first and implement its rules and regulations in their lives.Keeping in view this failure of Muslims, many programs to learn Quran online have been introduced through online quran tutor where qualified teachers are provided such noble services to those people who do not know how to recite Holy Quran. Learningthequran is a website through which many students are getting Quran education by online Quran teaching programs which provides you an easy environment and chance to learn the education of Quran even sitting at home with the help of laptop, headphone along with proper internet connection.There are also many benefits of online Quran learning that parents can check out the performance of their children by sitting nearby them and can also observe either they are understanding the rules and regulation of Quran recitation or not.

Best opportunity for learning of Quran through online Academy

Online Quran academy is the best place from where you can build your Islamic education career by learning the fundamental education of Holy Quran, Hadiths and books on Fiqah for complete understanding the soul of Islam. Learning of these courses is your first obligation on part of your education as by their complete and thorough study, you can better lead your life which will be helpful even for your children. There are many teachers in this academy who are providing these services in many countries with the aim to spread Islamic knowledge throughout the world of Muslims. They are also engaged in helping your children by teaching them importance of Quran and its recitation according to the rule of Tajweed through outstanding lectures. Tajweed is not an easy job that you can understand without any help. You have to take proper classes for its complete sense. Therefore online teachers are there to help you for teaching the rules and regulation of Quran recitation efficiently. It does not mean you cannot understand these rules, but you can study it at your home independently, however you have to listen Quran recitation again and again just to correct the pronunciation of Quran verses which can only be done with the help of skilled teacher.

Online Quran Academy

Online Quran Academy

If we conduct a survey on literacy rate of Muslims, we will see a huge slump in the education of Muslims as compared to non-Muslims. It is especially noted in western countries, where many children and young one are engaged in the western culture and deviated from the actual path for which ALLAH (SWT) Has Ordered us for spending successful life. Mostly the parents are also ignoring the activities of their children due to non-availability of any Islamic institute nearby them. It does not mean they have closed their eyes from their children rather they are in continuous search of any Islamic school or institute from where they can be benefited for Islamic education so that their children can understand the actual way of living and rules and regulation of Islam.In those areas where Muslims are living in minorities, there are lack of Islamic institutes and also not skilled teacher who can properly teach Quran education to the Muslims children.

To overcome this problem, now internet is providing online Quran learning all over the world with which you can learn get the education of Quran even at your home and at any place. You are just required to have a PC or a Laptop with proper internet access for availing this service. Learningthequran is the main website which is providing the facility to learn Quran online at any place and at any country. Now the parents can have complete trust on this online academy where education of Quran along with many Islamic courses is taught to their children by the qualified and skilled teachers. These tutors have the experience over many years and they are fully professional in this field.

Learn the Quran online at, your home or office

All of us are busy in our daily routine activities and time is passing much faster than our thoughts. The majority of us are focused on finding different ways to improve our financial status, but we are forgetting that with every new day, a day of our life is being eliminated and eventually we are moving towards the death that is due for every one of us and an ultimate truth. We are so curious about maximizing our financial resources, but we need to prepare for the life hereafter because that life is forever and for that should prepare ourselves right from today.

Islam has told us clearly about the good and the bad. Simply, there are only two ways to choose from. Either we can choose the left or the right if we have only two directions to move further. When both the right and the wrong directions are already told to us then why should we move towards the wrong or the bad direction? We are asked to choose the right way and avoid the bad one. So, we need to learn the teachings of the Islam to separate both ways and distinguish between the good and bad.

The Quran is the biggest resource to learn from and we can bring peace, unity and harmony in this world by following the teachings of the Quran. Today, when the technology has offered so many comforts to the life you can learn Quran online if you don’t have time to go out of your homes to learn the Quran from Islamic institutes. So, if you don’t get time from your routine activities, then you can learn the Quran online at, your home or office or at whatever time from the whole day.

Today, there are several online Quran learning institutes available to assist those who don’t find time from their daily routine activities. So, you don’t have any excuses for not learning the Quran by any means. You can, and you must learn the Quran online if you can’t physically attend the Quran classes at an Islamic institute. So, for every Muslim it is must to learn the teachings of the Islam and then teaches it to the others as well

Online Quran academy

Online Quran academy

For every Muslim parent, it is must for them to teach their kids the teachings of the Quran. And for this, they must learn and understand the Quran first and then teach it to them. Realizing the importance of today’s busy and tough routine tasks we have been offering online Quran classes and we are the best online Quran academy lightening the hearts with the etchings of the Quran. We have the best online Quran tutors and they are experienced and dedicated towards spreading the teachings of the Quran among all.

So, if you are in search of a highly reputed online Quran teaching institute then we ought to be your first choice because we have the most experienced and dedicated online Quran tutors to teach you the teachings of the Quran. You can choose the days and timings of the classes just according to your availability and we will adjust your timings with our tutor. So, you don’t need to worry if you have a really tough day schedule because we are here to assist you to fulfill this obligation.

The best Quran classes online

The technology has made life easier than ever before. You can accomplish many of your tasks by just a few clicks right from your couch. The internet has offered a variety of services for us and we can utilize this great source to accomplish many of our routine tasks quickly and easily. Today, a huge number of individuals as well as organizations are taking the maximum advantage from this great facility called “the internet”.

Today, we are witnessing many online Quran academies offering Quran classes online worldwide to spread the teachings of the Quran in Muslim Ummah and as well as any others who want to learn and understand the Quran. These academies are providing a great opportunity for Muslims who have a really tight daily schedule and hence, they found themselves short of achieving their daily tasks. And without any doubt, learning and understanding the Quran is an obligation for every Muslim so we cannot afford to miss it.

Quran online classes

Quran online classes

Learning the Quran through the Quran online classes is very simple. In fact, you will require just a personal computer, it could be a laptop, a tab or a tablet PC and an internet connection at your home or office where you want to learn the Quran online. After that, you will need to find a good online Quran teaching academy or tutor and it could be done easily by searching it online by putting some keywords in the search engine. From the gotten results, you need to shortlist a few top online institutes and then hire the best among them.

They will assign a Quran tutor to you and usually it is a one-to-one learning system where one tutor is assigned to only one student at a time for better understanding. After that, the tutor will start teaching the Quran right from the first Qaida and will end up on the last gradually with time. So, nothing is difficult when it comes to learn Quran online because of the simple online framework and face to face interaction of the tutor and the student online.

So, undoubtedly the internet is offering you a bunch of helpful services and you can take the advantage by utilizing it. For the best understanding, you must look for a reliable and trustworthy online institute. And of course, your time and money both are important. So, don’t waste your time by spending it on non-professional institutes. If you are looking for online Quran learning institutes then we are here to teach you online Quran by our experienced tutors. Our tutors are experienced and very supportive. So, whenever you need to understand any Ayat again they will teach it to you again.

Now, thanks to the internet for providing us that much ease and comforts that is allowing us to fulfill our social activities and obligations on routine basis. If you have any questions or query regarding online Quran learning then you can call us any time round the clock as we are available 24 hours round the clock to assist you.